Saturday, September 29, 2007

Corruption. Greed. Deception.

Our City is full of problems. Our leadership can't be trusted. There IS no leadership.

Yeah? Well, things are still getting done and getting done well.

Tonight my husband and I stopped in to Lucky 32 for a quick dinner. We were just about finished when a woman passed by our table saying, "Is there a doctor here?" We looked over to see several people standing around a woman laying on the floor. My husband is not a doctor but had some first aid training. By the time he got there a nurse was trying to help the woman.

I remembered that Lucky 32 is located next to a fire station so I ran out the patio door to the station and yelled to a firefighter about the trouble at the restaurant. Before I could turn back a Greensboro Firefighter/EMT was running towards the restaurant, jumping over the hedges between. In less than 5 seconds he was followed by 4 or 5 more carrying cases of equipment. By the time I got back to the restaurant, an ambulance was heading for the front parking lot.

Fast forward to all's well that ends well. The woman, who had choked on something, walked out under her own steam, which surprised my husband. He said when he saw her on the floor she was out cold. He didn't think it would end happily at all.

As the EMTs left the restaurant a number of us applauded. Most of the patrons were still in shock and didn't give them the standing ovation they deserved.

Next time you want to talk about all the ills of this City, think about, and perhaps make a mention of all the good things that are happening. I've witnessed it up close. And I am glad, real glad, I live here.


Anonymous Sue said...

Yeah, but where were the POLICE? (tongue/cheek)

Could be a new Bledsoe series, ya think?

September 29, 2007 9:55 PM  
Anonymous herb said...

There are lots of good and great people out there. Too often we hear about the bad ones. Bad news sells. It's the nature of the beast. But lots of people like stories like you've told. Keep telling them.


September 30, 2007 10:45 AM  
Anonymous Billy The Blogging Poet said...

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September 30, 2007 11:39 AM  

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