Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blogging and facebook and tweets. Oh my!

When I first started blogging, however many years ago that was, it filled a certain need in my life. That need is filled, happily, in other ways now. I've gotten slack about updating my blog. I still get ideas. Drive a quarter of a mile down High Point Road and you'll get all the ideas you need. But I have neither the time nor the self-discipline to put something together. Between that and my lack of interest in exploring the blogger technology in a deeper way to have my blog look and perform the way I want it to, I've pretty much let the blog go. I've kept it alive "just in case."

Technology. What a beautiful thing. I do miss opening the mail box to find a handwritten letter.

Since I'm not schooled in technology, I mostly "learn by doing," I get frustrated at times when my computer doesn't behave the way I think it should. Yeah, I know. It only does what I tell it to do.

That's why it makes no sense for someone without the drive, desire, or education to engage in MORE technology.

I have now jumped into Facebook and Tweeter. WTF??

It is interesting to me that as technology moves along it becomes increasingly less communication oriented. Look at blogs. The format is one that lets you say as much or as little as you want. Some people fill their blogs with long posts that are discriptive and deep. Others post in short bursts. On Facebook you speak in shorter sentences. Tweeter communication is in sentence fragments. That is convenient, letting people say what they want to say quickly then move along. Soon there will be something that allows us to express ourselves in monosylballic utterings. "'sup?" "'k." The abbreviations in IMing and texting offends the secretary in my soul. I have to text in complete sentences with proper puncuation. I don't text much.

So, my summer project is to learn how to put blogging, Facebook, and Tweeter together in a way that supports the kind of communication I wish to have with people.

Or not.

Side bar -- Facebook gives you "suggestions" of people to add as "friends." It's been suggesting people I know and do not like. I would never consider them "friends." What, exactly, is Facebook trying to do?


Anonymous Sue said...

Not having all the answers myself but having over-dinner contacts who seem to, lemme tell you what Scoble told Kid#2 who was trying to put the social networking pieces together into a manageable routine: get thee to Friendfeed.

That's the place to manage all your social stuff AND you can link all your accounts together so that if you Tweet, it's on Facebook and then Friendfeed organizes all of it.

Buy me lunch and I'll show you how.

May 16, 2009 10:08 AM  

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