Friday, September 02, 2011

On The Road Again

On my way to work I spotted Lexis with the following bumper sticker:

“I'll Keep My Guns, My Freedom and My Money - You Keep The Change”

I propose the following to the woman who was driving the car:

Among the “changes” I would like to see is that you not continue to pollute MY planet with your filthy habit. So, in the future I would ask that you CHANGE your habit of throwing your cigarette butts out the window. Also, I would propose that you keep your windows rolled up when stopped at red lights. Perhaps YOU don’t mind the smell of cigarettes. I do. Keep your smoke from wafting into MY airspace.

I know your fancy, expensive car is the best on the road but you might find it helpful to ask your car dealer to install turn signals on your car. When the dealer completes that work, perhaps he can take a minute to explain how they work.

I noticed you have North Carolina license plates on your car. It may be helpful to understand your surroundings and your place within them. In North Carolina you are entitled to one lane on the highway. In North Carolina a red light means STOP. You stop and wait for the light to change. You don’t use it as an opportunity to reapply your lipstick. A green light means GO. You aren’t in Virginia.

You might want to prepare yourself for “change.” On a personal level, for you I have a feeling that “change” is going to mean a crumpled hood.

You want to keep your guns, money, and freedom, have fun with them now because you will probably wind up in traction some day, a victim of either your driving habits or your rude, self-serving attitude. Karma sucks!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Does this thing work?

I decide, after considerable time away, to trot the ole blog out again. I had an experience to share and you can decide whether it is worth the effort. I have a pot on the stove so this is only going to go until the timer goes off.

I went out to a concert last night. It's an annual event I go to with my daughter(s). I am able to make a number of comparisons having done this over a period of years:

1. The performer, Marc Broussard, has grown as an entertainer over the five or so years we've been listening to him. His recordings don't do him justice. He is really good live. He's become more confortable on stage, evidence by less crotch-grabbing than the first time we saw him.

2. The quality of his opening acts, and I think indie performers in general, are getting much better. The opening act, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, were entertaining, especially the "wife" who seemed really happy to be there. She was adorable!

3. I had intended to "treat" my daughter and her friend, so the friend's cry, "Oh no! I left my ATM card at home," was unnecessary.

4. When in doubt, tip well.

5. Despite enjoying live music I have no patience for being in semi-large crowd with a bunch of people in varying states of mind. What may have been charming to some were obnoxious to me. I really didn't need to see the guy in front of me licking his date's face.

6. Being out until 2:00 a.m. is NOT for me. I'm cranky. I've taken three naps today. I'm glad that it is rainy. I need to rethink whether I'll be ready for this in April.

Timer went off. Goodbye.