Sunday, January 21, 2007

Business as not so usual.

I understand, and share, the anger of Greensboro Council Members Goldie Wells and Yvonne Johnson regarding the issues surrounding the refusal of the Council to address the Truth and Reconciliation report, as reported in the News & Record. My anger is not as much about the Council ignoring the T&R report as it is at the way it was handled.

According to the News and Record, last summer Goldie Wells asked that the Council respond to the Truth and Reconciliation report. Mayor Keith Holliday then privately polled four Council members who said they wanted the issue to be dropped. Seeing that he had five votes, a majority, Keith decided to do just that. He let the issue drop.

I don't care if the issue was the Truth and Reconciliation report, a Zoning matter, a budget issue, or the consent agenda, this was wrong. This gives credence to the good 'ol boy, behind-closed-doors decision-making shenanagins that erode elected officials credibility. If Keith had his five votes, he should have brought it forward and let the public know. What other issues are conducted this way? To not have contacted all Council members is just plain wrong.

I have been a long-time supporter of Keith but he's lost some of my respect. I am disappointed in this kind manipulation, which I thought was beneath Keith.

I think this way of running the City is a crock. And you can quote me on that.

Monday, January 01, 2007

I resolve to...

The new year brings an opportunity to reflect and revisit the previous year as well as make plans for the future. Each year I make resolutions. I keep some. I don't keep others. It's an ongoing process. This year is no different.

First there is my annual "eat better, exercise more," resolution. That stands.

Then there's the annual promise to myself that I won't take any more crap from the IT department at work. This year, I vow, I will make some comment when they ask, "Are you SURE your computer is plugged in?" Usually I just answer with a timid, "yes," because I know that if they wanted to, they could make my life a living hell. I know it; They know it. This is the year I'm going to respond with, "Plug? You mean that little dangling thingie? Can you come over here and check for me?" Then I will laugh as they try to get back behind my 3000 pound desk to check the perfectly fine electrical connections. One year we had switched printer/copiers and the toner cartridges were different. Someone hadn't told some of our student workers. I was on the "help" line with a student who said, "Remove the toner cartridge and shake it." I explained to him that this was a different cartridge and that couldn't be done. He said, "M'am, if you don't feel capable of doing that I can send someone over to do it for you." I said, "Yes, please. I would like it to be you." Stupid boy. He came over. He removed the toner cartridge and realized that shaking it would mean huge amounts of toner would come out of the gaping hole in the top. "Shake it," I said. "Umm, this isn't the kind that you can do that with," he replied. "If you don't feel capable of doing that, I can do it for you. Well, not really FOR you. More like AT you," I said. Then I told him to sit down. I stuck my finger in his face, "Don't you EVER speak to anyone like that again. Do you understand me, young man?" "Yes, M'am." He graduated. He was replace by 17 just like him.

This year I resolve to be a better wife, mother, and friend to these incredible people in my life who deserve the best I have to offer.

This year I will be a better blogger. Ouch! There is that burning sensation on my left shoulder. Oh, crap. It's evil jw, a mini-me, complete with devil horns and pitchfork, that sometimes sits on my shoulder egging me on with snarky commentary, threats, and general bad-advice. Fortunately there is that lovely counter-balance, sweet jw, who sits on my right.

Evil jw: "Be a better blogger!" What a load of crap! First, you can't. You don't have any talent. Second, BLOGS? Who freakin' cares anymore?

Sweet jw: I think it is a great idea. You have lots of good ideas. It's a wonderful way to communicate. Think of all the great friends you've made. You've met some fabulous people, including the next First Lady.

Evil jw: Oh, sweets, you can predict the future now? Look jw, that sucking sound you hear in your ears all the time. It's the sound of your life passing you by. Face it, you're getting old. You don't have much time. Why waste it here?

Me: No, Ejw. Sweetness is right. There's lots to be gained. There's lots to learn. There's lots to...

Evil: Mis-spell, mis-comma, mis-quote. MISTAKE! Take up knitting. At least somebody may get a blanket out of it.

Sweet jw: Evil, you are so, well, gosh, evil! There's nothing wrong with blogging. It's a good healthy outlet, especially since that Chairman guy is gone. He used to raise our blood pressure dangerously high.

Evil: It's all a load of crap.

jw: Some of it is. But I think I can do better. I'll research a little more, try to make things more relevent. I can work a little harder at it.

Sweet jw: That's right, jw. Tell Evil that the good can replace the bad. That right can replace wrong. The good CAN overcome Evil.

Evil: Bite me, jackass!

jw: Enough you two! I DO resolve to be a better blogger. You know, for a while, until the novelty wears off.

Happy New Year to all. May 2007 bring you happiness, good health, great fortune, and better blogs!