Friday, June 29, 2007

Babies and Beaches and Wine! Oh, my!

I’m sitting here thinking about babies. A friend of mine just became a grandmother for the first time. I’m not in any particular hurry to become a grandmother. I’m too young for that. Really. And way too cool. Grandmothers bake cookies. I BUY cookies. Grandmothers sing soft songs. I play rock ‘n roll. Loud. Though the upside would be hearing, “but you’re way too young to be a grandmother.” I said that myself the other day to a woman I’d just met. “What do you mean you have a three year-old granddaughter? You CAN’T possibly be old enough to have a grandchild.” Then I got a little closer. Also, it could be the piercings and tattoos threw me off. It’s a little tough to judge someone’s age when they’re covered with tattoos. Once you get close, it’s a little easier. Tattoos don’t age well.

Thinking about babies made me think about my favorite mommy blogger Mimi. I began to dig into her archives to read stories about when her daughter Nora was little and discovered that Mimi’s archives go back to 1999. That’s another decade. She’s been doing this for eight years. Mimi’s was the third blog I read, following this and him. Then came her. And her. And him, who is back, by the way, sort of. If you are interested in some summer reading, dig into Bob’s archives. He is hilarious. This was before the big explosion in local blogs.

HOW does one sustain a blog for eight years? And continue to be good year after year. Both Bob and Julia (Tequila Mockingbird) were MIA for a while. Their archives are really interesting if you have time to dig in and check them out.

On the other side of my life, work’s been slow enough that I’ve been able to schedule a few trips, beach, mountains, beach (again), conference. Nice life if you can get it. For the first beach trip I worked so hard at not getting burned that I came back and my boss said, “I thought you were going to the beach.” It didn’t show. I had to shake out my tennis shoes on my desk to prove I’d gone.

Next trip is to the mountains with the people from Mr. W’s company who are wonderful! His boss is a bit of a wine connoisseur who always steers me to just the right drink. I like sweeter wines, my favorite is this.

Mr. W, Bundle of Joy #1, and I went to the North Carolina Wine Festival. Mr. W was designated driver so Bundle 1 and I got to taste our way around the state. I didn’t think I’d over indulged until I heard Bundle 1 talking to Bundle 2:
B 2: So, did Mom get tipsy?
B 1: Oh, yeah!
Me: What? I did NOT!
B 1: Do you remember what you said?
Me: Indeed I do!
B 1: I don’t think so. Where did you suggest we go to lunch?
Me: I don’t remember that I had any particular suggestion.
B 1: You said, “There’s a Waffle House. Let’s go there.”
B 2: Oh Mom! NOBODY suggests the Waffle House unless they’re drunk.


Anonymous herb said...

It's the place to be! At least according to these folks.

July 05, 2007 4:24 PM  

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