Friday, June 01, 2007

Not MY kid!

Okay, Dad. Reality check. Read the story published in today's News and Record. Then, assuming good sense has taken over, hang your head in shame and say, "As if my son wasn't an embarrassment enough, I had to open my big mouth."

Let's look at this, shall we?
Stephen Cobb, he said, learned of the suspension during a meeting in early May and missed the deadline to appeal.

Was it that you weren't notified? Or was your SON notified and didn't tell you?
"That's the first blemish he has on his record, student or civilian. The first ever," Doug Cobb said. "And as they explained to us, the typical sanctions … are a one- or two-semester suspension or probation."

Woo, boy! He started his criminal career with a doozy, didn't he?
"...Doug Cobb acknowledged his son made mistakes..."

As for selling marijuana, Doug Cobb said he believes that is not inherently dangerous.
Sales are being made and trades being made constantly on university campuses," Cobb said. "If it was such a danger, would kids like my son trade in it? No."

Okay, buddy. This defies logic.
"They are railroading our son because this has given them a black eye," Doug Cobb said. "Period."

Nope. Your kid screwed up, Mister, and he screwed up big time. Suck it up. Take your lumps. Quit making excuses for him or you will find that his screw ups are going to get bigger and your excuses will become more outrageous.

Look. I've got kids. I've been lucky. So far no one's been arrested or in rehab. Only a couple of speeding tickets have blotted otherwise unblemished records. They are well on their way to becoming upstanding, productive citizens. As I said, I got lucky. And I can't say what I'd do if I were in your place. Maybe the same thing. I would probably try to defend them.

I just hope I wouldn't sound as stupid.


Anonymous MC said...

I have been in Doug's place, only we let him take his lumps. Now, he is in a great place because he LEARNED HIS LESSON'S. We are tremendously proud of him AND he can use tools (see this story).

Advice to Doug, SUSPEND THE BUM!

June 01, 2007 11:03 AM  

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