Saturday, July 18, 2009

And many more...

"I learned last night that these two young people have over 62 years of experience to learn from..." so said Friar Bill at Bundle of Joy #2's wedding last year. Today BJ2 and his wife celebrate their first anniversary. It's been a year of remarkable change. She graduated med school. He finished his MFA and novel. They moved to Texas, she for her residency, he without a job. Within four weeks he found a job at the University of Houston. They've settled in to an apartment. She is putting in LONG hours. He's learning how to cook.

Both sets of in-laws have been married a long time. I think that's a bit unusual in these days of multiple marriages and blended families. They've watched their parents struggle, some times harder than others, and stick with it. We hope they've learned from our example.

They've got a lot of years to go before they catch up. Here's to's's to having it all.

Happy Anniversary Andrew and Sharon.


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