Saturday, July 11, 2009

Swim club president denies racism

Let's break this down --- (My comments in Red)

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- The president of The Valley Swim Club on Friday strongly denied charges of racism after his club canceled the swimming privileges of a nearby day care center whose children are predominantly African-American.

John Duesler said he underestimated the number of swimmers who would come to swim at the club.

When the arrangements were made, was the number of swimmers not discussed? Did it not occur to you to ask, "How many kids are we talking about. 3? 13? 33?

"It was never our intention to offend anyone," said John Duesler. "This thing has been blown out of proportion."
Duesler said his club -- which he called "very diverse" -- (Can we get a breakdown exactly HOW diverse the club is?) invited camps in the Philadelphia area to use his facility because of the number of pools in the region closed due to budget cuts this summer. He said he underestimated the amount of children who would participate, and the club's capacity to take on the groups was not up to the task.
"It was a safety issue," he said.

The Creative Steps Day Care children -- who are in kindergarten through seventh grade -- went to The Valley Swim Club in Huntingdon Valley on June 29 after the center's director, Alethea Wright, had contracted to use the club once a week.
During their first visit, some children said they heard club members asking why African-American children were there. One youngster told a Philadelphia television station a woman there said she feared the children "might do something" to her child. \

Days later, the day care center's $1,950 check was returned without explanation, Wright said.
She was dismissive of Duesler's comments Friday.
"He knows what happened at the pool that day," Wright told CNN in a telephone interview. "I was embarrassed and humiliated."
She called it an "unfortunate situation," adding, "I know what happened; the members know what happened and a higher power knows what happened."

After news reports of the incident, the office of Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pennsylvania) said Specter sent a letter to the club president asking him to reinstate the contract with Creative Steps, saying, "I think that you would agree that there is no place for racism in America today."
Duesler said he appreciates the senator's concern, but the club's board has yet to make a decision of how it will proceed.
"If we're going to revise our policies here, we need to make it so for all the camps," he said. "I just don't think we're prepared for that."

Duesler earlier in the week told two Philadelphia television stations the children had changed "the complexion" and "atmosphere" of the club, a comment that protesters outside the facility Thursday said showed that racism was involved. This would change "the complexion" but it has nothing to do with race.

Bernice Duesler, John Duesler's wife, called the negative response her husband has faced since the incident "unbearable." Face it lady. Your husband is a racist.
"He's not one of the good guys -- he's one of the great guys," she said, holding back tears. "He doesn't deserve this." If he is a racist, and you think "he's one of the great guys," then that makes YOU a racist, too.
She added, "If there really was a racial issue that happened, my husband and I would be the first one[s] picketing."
Jim Flynn, who said he was one of the club members who made a complaint against the children, told CNN this week it was not racially motivated. "There were a lot of children in the pool and not enough lifeguards," he said. "As general members we were not told that they were coming. If we knew, we could decide to not come when the pool was crowded or come anyway. We could have had an option." Again, when the arrangements were made, and when you accepted the day care's check, was nothing said about the number of children.
He also said invitations to two other day care centers, neither of which contained minority children, had previously been withdrawn. So you're equal opportunity racists.
Girard College, a private Philadelphia boarding school, told CNN on Thursday it would offer Creative Steps Day Care use of its facilities this summer. Let's hear it for higher education.

The pool members can put lipstick all over this pig and it wouldn't change a thing.

Shame on them for doing this, but especially for doing this to CHILDREN!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen to that. It's amazing how much the MSM is giving credence to the swim clubs latest explanantion.
MSM need to ask the club, Did you not know how many kids were coming?

July 12, 2009 12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so maybe the club didn't do it's due diligence on the number of kids. If their true intent was to keep minorities out and their motive was TRULY racial, they wouldn't have allowed them in, in the first place. It seems they allowed them in, in good faith. Was it handled perfectly? no. Could there have been some comments made by members that should not have been? Possibly. If the day care kids are scarred as the director alleges, much of it is how she handled her response to the situation-and what she told the kids. They cancelled the contracts of other day care facilities with no minorites. One has to wonder what the real motives are of the day care.......they've turned this thing into an unnecessary spectacle. The combative daycare manager needs some lessons in conflict resolution. Her reaction is a big part of the problem, imo.

July 15, 2009 1:07 PM  

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