Monday, July 20, 2009

I promise to keep the new one clean...

I got a new computer at work. It’s faster than my previous machine, doesn’t sound like a plane taking off, and there aren’t any crumbs in the keyboard. When the student worker came over to install it, I asked, “Is size going to be a problem?” I asked because I have a hutch over the desk and the monitor is HUGE! He said, “Don’t you think that’s a little personal?” Just install the machine, wise-ass! As it turned out, I was right to be concerned. The monitor wouldn’t sit on the computer as it had in the past. The monitor is 22” diagonally. In order for the monitor to sit where I needed it, the computer had to be moved to the side. “Will it fit under my printer,” I asked. “Let’s see,” and the student measured the width of the box WITH HIS FOREARM! It felt like home. My husband measures things by holding his hands up and moving to the area in question and says, “Yep. It fits.” Then once the nails are in he says, “I don’t understand. I MEASURED it.” Anyway…

I now have a new computer at work and a fairly up-to-date one at home. Next step? One of those cute little mini laptops. I’m waiting for them to come out in cool colors.


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