Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Okay, here's what happened.

I commented on Brenda B's blog. Mistake one.

I was anonymous because I had cleaned out cookies and didn't notice my info wasn't included. Mistake two.

THEN...Oh.Dear.God.Help me. I went back to see if there was any response. Of course there was. Mistake three.

I let it bother me. Mistake four.

I could go on and on but I'll let you see for yourself... This is me -->

Oct. 29, 2006 - Untitled Comment
Posted by Anonymous
" I believe now with the evidence Jerry Bledsoe has presented..."

Is this the information the novelist Jerry Bledsoe is writing in the paper that bills
itself "All the Rumors Fit to Print?"
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Oct. 30, 2006 - Untitled Comment
by BrendaFayBowers
Sorry No-Name but Jerry Bledsoe is known as an
investigative true-crime author and former reporter. He doesn’t write fiction.
But if you are one of those who choose to remain ignorant of the facts
concerning the GPD( and on a larger scale the whole of Greensboro/Guilford
politics) please don’t let me sway you. In fact I would advise you not to even
attempt to understand what I am saying because it is I am afraid simply beyond
your abilities.
Oh yes, thank you for stopping by my site. Visitors are
always welcome and comments are always given due consideration. Sincerely, BB

Let's take the statement "But if you are one of those who choose to remain ignorant of the facts concerning the GPD( and on a larger scale the whole of Greensboro/Guilford politics) ..." Can I get a witness? Please? Who out there wants to accuse me of being ignorant of GREENSBORO politics? Now, granted, due to mistake two, she didn't know who was writing the comment. But still. To go around calling people ignorant... That's uncalled for.

We've discussed civility in blogs before. While I can understand people's frustration at times, my comment did not warrant being called ignorant.

Nope, I don't choose to remain ignorant. In fact, I know quite a bit about what's going on, not only in this case but in many facets of Greensboro politics. I know a number of FACTS, something that has gotten lost amid the speculation, gossip, and innuendo.

If you are wondering why the "officials" remain so closed mouth, I would say that given the attention speculation and rumor mongering has gotten, this community has no clue what to do with the truth. In other words, you want the truth? You can't handle the truth.

And I won't be making a mistake five.


I'm not in the market for a wedding cake. But it never hurts to look.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Carmany clears up Bonds question.

Dear Councilwoman Carmany:

I am attaching a post from a local blog that talks about the bonds that will be on ballot in November. I understand the concerns from both sides and have been reading as much information about them so that when I go to the polls, I can make well-educated vote.

I read something in one of the blogs that disturbs me. I am attaching the link to the entire post so that you can read it for yourself. http://guarino.typepad.com/guarino/2006/10/skepticism_on_t.html

The part that surprised me was this, "Another point: even tho the public approves a bond for a certain item is no guarantee the city council will use the funds for that item. Legally they can use the money for anything with no strings attached, and believe me they have in the past and will in the future." Posted by: Brenda Bowers October 26, 2006 at 10:34 AM

IS THIS TRUE? If so, I am absolutely shocked and dismayed by this. I thought you were legally bound to spend the money for the item on the ballot. Wow! This seems to be a total breach of the public's trust. "...no strings attached..." Then why designate the money for particular projects? Why not just say, "We need 27 million for any 'ole reason?" And you've done this in the past? Really? You mean I voted for parks and you used it on roads? Could that be?

Please clear this up for me so that I know what I'm doing on November 7.

A Concerned Voter

Dear Concerned Voter,

Thank you for bringing Ms. Bowers statement to my attention.

The city MUST spend the money approved in a bond referendum on the items included in the language that appears on the official ballot. Money approved in a library bond can only be used for libraries, not for fire stations. Money approved in a fire station bond can only be used for fire stations, not parks and recreation projects. Money approved in a parks and recreation bond can only be used for recreational projects, not for street construction. Ms. Bowers' confusion may be caused by the deliberate non-specificity of explanatory wording that often accompanies the official bond language. It's much easier to give you a specific example than try to explain this outright.

Example: The specific language for the fire station bonds on the upcoming referendum on November 7 reads "The Fire Station Bonds will provide funds for constructing, equipping and furnishing additional fire stations, including acquisition of firefighting apparatus and land acquisition, if needed." That means that if the voters approve this request, this $24,500,000 can ONLY BE SPENT TO BUILD AND EQUIP FIRE STATIONS AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE.

There is an explanation that accompanies this bond question that does NOT appear on the ballot that says "Five new fire stations are proposed at Willow Road, Reedy Fork Creek, Old Randleman Road, South Elm-Eugene Street, and near the intersection of Painter Boulevard and I-40/85." This describes more specifically how many stations we hope to build and where we would like to put them. However, if the price to construct them is higher than current estimates, we may be able to build only four (or if we get fantastic bids for construction, maybe six). Or perhaps we cannot find suitable, affordable land in one of the listed areas and decide to construct a station in a different needed location other than one of the five listed here. That would be entirely legal since the number and specific locations will not be approved by the voters. But no matter the number or location, of the stations, that bond money can be spent ONLY on fire stations.

Changes like I described in my example have happened in the past with other bonds. One example I can cite is the transportation bond that was approved in 1988. "Those were the days" when the city got excellent construction prices on proposed street projects that were listed as potential projects for information, and the city was able to complete several additional street projects with the savings from the originally-intended projects. Another example of a perceived change was the bond to expand the Special Events Center at the coliseum back in the early '90s -- the bond language called for renovation and expansion of the then-called exhibition hall. Explanatory language listed an ice skating facility as a possibility in the expanded space, but once the bond was approved and design work began, it quickly became apparent that it would be foolhardy to put an ice rink (i.e., water) on a floor where numerous electrical outlets to supply power for the exhibitors' booths and displays would have to be placed.

Looking at the other bond questions on the upcoming referendum, all are very specific about how the bond money will be used:

Public Building Renovation -- to renovate and improve city-owned buildings, period!

Economic Development -- to support job creation, industrial park development, and other listed uses, period!

Library Facilities -- to construct and equip libraries, period!

Greensboro Historical Museum -- to renovate the Historical Museum, period!

War Memorial Auditorium -- to renovate War Memorial Auditorium, period!

Neighborhood Redevelopment -- to acquire and improve land primarily in the Ole Asheboro neighborhood, period!

War Memorial Stadium -- to renovate War Memorial Stadium, period!

Swimming Center -- to construct and equip a swim center, period!

International Civil Rights Museum -- to help complete the renovation of the International Civil Rights Museum, period!

To summarize, the city MUST use the money as stated on the bond ballot (for fire stations, libraries, public building renovation, etc.) but does have the flexibility to construct other projects within that same bond category.

Sandy Carmany

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Rosenberg Principle

I was happy to see Jim Rosenberg's hints for losing weight. Those of us who face that struggle are always happy to hear how other folks are doing. It's nice to share stories and support one another. Jim is doing so well, I have a few questions that perhaps he can answer that will give me a jump start on my efforts to get healthy.

Drink eight glasses of water a day.
Water is a liquid, so can you substitute another liquid? Can "liquid" include diet Coke, wine, and Cream of Broccoli soup? Can we add tequila to the list of "liquids?"

Control portion size.
They say a portion of meat should be the size of your palm. I have really small hands, can I use Shaquille O'Neal's hands?

Share your dieting goals with the people in your life.
I told the people I work with about my goals. Now every time they come into my office they look to see if I'm eating. I have to hide my caramel popcorn in my desk drawer. When I told my family what I was doing and asked them for their "help" I got a lot of "Should you be eating that?" and "Didn't you just have a Weight Watchers Pizza fifteen minutes ago?" Sharing sucks!

Write down what you eat.
That gets old pretty quick. I also wrote down my weight and my measurements. I put it in code so that my family wouldn't know those numbers. (See "sharing sucks" above.) I can't remember the code, so I've either lost 17 pounds or gained 23 inches in my arms.

Read the label.
I ALMOST bought a muffin mix at Costco. The calorie count for one muffin was 620 PER MUFFIN. I discovered the Brownie mix was only 480 calories. I saved 140 calories just by reading the label!

Make smart substitutions.
Like, um "Light" butter for regular butter and "Fat Free" Half-and-Half? If Half-and-Half is half cream and half milk, what is "Fat Free" Half-and-Half half of? Hmm?

Snack a little throughout the day.
Define "a little." Be specific.

Keep yourself inspired and motivated.
Well, now, if THIS was possible, I wouldn't be where I am, now would I? I've tried the old, "Dear God, I'll quit using Your name in vain and blaming all of the world's problems on You, and will tithe, if I would wake up tomorrow a size 4." I'm not sure how else to be inspired. I think that's one of those places where God says, "Yeah, right. I've heard THAT before."

But YOU'VE inspired me, Jim! Thanks. Maybe if I listen to your advice and follow your example I WILL wake up a size 4. So, keep inspiring me Jim. I want a new wardrobe for Christmas so there's not a lot of time. No pressure or anything.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Gaspo Blogs!

Fresh Meat Alert!

After a couple of years of nagging, and y'all know I can be an Olympic-class nag, journalist/novelist/friend Tom Gasparoli has a blog up on the boards. Into You will take on relationship issues from a male-who-knows-how-to-listen-to-women perspective. Stop by and show Tom (aka Gaspo!) how we welcome newcomers.

Okay Tom, show us what you got!

The education system

My friend Crissy and her husband Jeff, at BottleImp, have two boys. One is in pre-school and learning is happening in a very creative way.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

No, thanks, the stress entree was enough, I don't want any for dessert.

Oh, did I spell dessert right? I have a problem with that word. And exsist, which is really exist. I finally learned how to spell dessert (instead of desert). Strawberry shortcake. Two Ss. Dessert.

Monday --
Mr. W -- Just got out.
Me -- Of?
Mr. W -- The doctor.
Me -- And?
Mr. W -- Surgery.
Me -- When?
Mr. W -- Tomorrow
Me -- Yikes!
Have you even known me to be less verbose? So...

Tuesday --

Dr. -- Well, it was a little more complicated than we thought.
Me -- Yeah. That always seems to happen.
Dr. -- Let me explain. (insert teacher sounds from Charlie Brown TV shows)
Me -- Uh-huh.
Dr. -- So then...(insert teacher sounds from Charlie Brown TV shows)
Me -- Really?
Dr. -- We think that...(insert Stephen Wright reading A Brief History Of Time)
Me -- Okay
Dr. -- You can see him in a few minutes.

Mr. W -- They're giving me Percodan.
Nurse -- He pulled off his sensors. We thought he was dead.
Me -- No. (fingering the card from his life insurance agent I'd stashed in my pocket)

Wednesday --
Me -- How are you?
Bundle #3 -- (gasp, boo hoo) They're sending me...my kidneys...sick...

Hickory --

Fetch Bundle of Joy #3 to bring her to the city where the doctors KNOW something. She's fine. Meds. Rest. Tests later, but for now fine.

Thursday --
Boss -- When can I expect to have that report?
Me -- Well it's like this...
Boss -- When can I expect to have that report?
Me -- Okay, see here's what happened...
Boss -- When can I
Me -- OKAY! Next Thursday?
Boss -- Are we negotiating?
Me -- Always. (with a really lousy Al Pacino voice)
Boss -- Fine. Monday.
Me -- Wednesday.
Boss -- Monday.
Me -- Tuesday?
Boss -- Monday.

Happy Friday Eve, y'all!